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High Strength Stainless Steel Slitting Lines With ISO9001 / 2008

China China Pallet Racking Online Market certification
China China Pallet Racking Online Market certification
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High Strength Stainless Steel Slitting Lines With ISO9001 / 2008

High Strength Stainless Steel Slitting Lines With ISO9001 / 2008
High Strength Stainless Steel Slitting Lines With ISO9001 / 2008 High Strength Stainless Steel Slitting Lines With ISO9001 / 2008 High Strength Stainless Steel Slitting Lines With ISO9001 / 2008 High Strength Stainless Steel Slitting Lines With ISO9001 / 2008

Large Image :  High Strength Stainless Steel Slitting Lines With ISO9001 / 2008

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Certification: ISO9001;2008
Model Number: WD-1800×(0.5-3.0)
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Export standard packing
Delivery Time: 90working days after received your payment
Supply Ability: 200sets per month
Detailed Product Description
Application: Industry Applicable Materials: Common Carbon Cold Rolled Bright Steel Coil, Stainless Steel
Feature: Long Service Life Low Energy Consumption Speed: 0-25m/min
High Light:

steel slitter machine


steel coil slitting machine


High Strength Pipe Milling Machine Stainless Steel Slitting Lines With ISO9001 / 2008




1. in-diameter:φ550mm

2. out-diameter:≤φ1600mm

3. coiled product weight:≤25t

4. slitting capability:

46 lines(when plate thickness 0.5mm)

35 lines (when plate thickness 0.8mm)

20 lines(when plate thickness 1.01mm—2.0mm)

10 lines(when plate thickness 2.0mm, SS materials are201,202)

8 lines(when plate thickness 2.01mm—3.0mm)

5. Width Tolerance:

±0.05mm(when thickness 0.5mm—1.0mm)

±0.08mm(when plate thickness1.01mm—2.0mm)

±0.10mm(when plate thickness 2.01mm—3.0mm)

Note:when using new blade or after sharpening,parallelism and verticality≤0.005mm, as width of slitting plate is 1500mm-1800mm and JIS standard steel coil in 200T)

6. one side sliver width:

≥3mm(when plate thickness0.5mm-3.0mm)

7. Two sides should have slivers

8. Straightness:≤1mm/m(certified/JIS standard steel coil)

9. rolled territory:≤5mm/m(certified/JIS standard steel coil)



equipment composition:

  1. Hydraulic loading trolley                     1set
  2. single-cantilever hydraulic expansion/contraction material hanging uncoiled         1set
  3. material hanging support                   1set
  4. automatic hydraulic pressure driving feeding machine    1set
  5. leading terminal and shoveling terminal             1set
  6. traction pinch initial correction machine        1set
  7. steel strip head/tail shearing machine     1set
  8. front looper pallet rack(looper pit)         1set
  9. center directing and correcting device                     1set
  10. slitting host machine              1set
  11. sliver rolling machine          2set
  12. transitive material guide rack            1set
  13. back looper pallet rack(looper pit)   1set
  14. Pre-sub/pressing materials tension damping device           1set
  15. Hydraulic slitting pressing device                 1set
  16. rolling host machine                1set
  17. rolling support             1set
  18. Hydraulic unloading trolley                 1set
  19. Hydraulic Station                  1set
  20. Distribution Cabinet                   1set
  21. Main operating cabinet               1set
  22. Vice operating cabinet            2set

Hydraulic pressure loading trolley:


  1. Function:Working as prepare, transit and hang materials. Lifting and horizontal movement,which is very convenient to lead the steel coiler to collapsible drum coiler, using hydraulic cylinder to lift,using cycloid reducer to horizontal movement;
  2. structure:welded by steel plate and profile steel
  3. Max weight load:30T
  4. Walking motor:BWED41-121-2.2KW(Changzhou )

Singer - cantilever type of Hydraulic pressure uncoiled:

  1. function:Singer – cantilever rectangular pyramid has expansion and contraction ways materials hanging conformation,magnetic powder clutch(mode: FZJ-500) controls constant tension open-book:it is with emergency brake,feeding materials steady as the speed of main cutting machine.
  2. structure:Made by uncoil rack and roll drum. uncoil rack is welded by steel plate and profile steel;Roll drum made by center axis and sector board.
  3. Max weight load:30T
  4. adaptive swelling coil inner hole:φ508mm  φ610mm(need to add diameter-increase pad)

material hanging support:


1, The main function is reducing load for main bearing,make main bearing uniform load,in case of main bearing's deform.

2, made by rack,oil cylinder,support,swing arm,shaft pin and so on,automatic hydraulic pressure driving feeding machine, leading terminal and shoveling terminal:


  • function:through automatically feeding materials and working by hydraulic shoveling terminal,move leading terminal safely, then send in Traction pinch initial correction machine.
  • power:BWED42-187-2.2KW(Changzhou) GERMANY LISNO
  • structure:Welding by steel plate and profile steel.


Traction pinch initial correction machine:


1, function:For uncoiling steel coil and sending to next step. Control hydraulic cylinder and synchronous up/down device to adjust pinch roll and uncoil roll.

2, motive power:22KW DC adjustable speed motor


3, reduction:JZQ500-10.35(Taizhou)

4, double pinch roll's diameterφ180mm, coated plastic polyurethane,grinded;5 uncoiled roll diameter φ120mmIF Quenched on surface,grinded.

5, It used X type carbon shaft(SWC-150-650 standard) between gear distribution box and pinch roll, and used X type carbon shaft(SWC-150-650 standard) between gear distribution box and uncoiled roll.

6, structure:made by two pinch rolls and 5 uncoiled rolls, wall plate,motor,reduction and machine supported.

, steel strip head/tail shearing machine:


  • function:cutting the coils which need to product tidily,easy for next step.It could cut the coil when reach end place by manual order.
  • cutting mode:Mechanical type.
  • Structure:made by wall plate,upper/lower blade seats, blade, clearance adjustment, gear, motor and so on.
  • cutting spec:thickness 3mm× width 2000mm.


front looper pallet rack(looper pit)


1, function:looper is used for controlling speed of steel coil into slitting machine,buffer the speed of coil to the traction pinch initial correction machine,it used by hydraulic lifting,easy to guide coil when starting machine.

2, structure:looper pallet rack welded by steel plate and profile steel, table is applied scratch-resistant plastic panels and passive roller(diameter φ65mm),lifting controlled by hydraulic pressure.


center directing and correcting device


1, function:guiding steel plate into slitting machine smoothly,and making center of plate match with the center of machine,raising products' quality.

2, structure:Made by guider support, dovetail refined guide, guiding roller, adjustment screw, sliding seat, hand wheel and so on.


Slitting host machine:

  1. Slitting host machine:power:55KW DC adjustable speed motor(SHANGHAI NANYANG)
  2. Reduction:Mode: JZQ650-20.49;(Taizhou)
  3. Dynamic part:made by frame seat, reduction, gear box, X-type carbon shaft and so on;
  4. Slitting part: made by blade spindle slide,blade spindle bearing, upper slide pressing structure(pressing motor:BWD2-35-2.2KW),thrust block and so on. blade spindle material: 40Cr,spindle diameter:φ220mm quenching, hard chromium plating and grinding on surface.
  5. Slitting blade:material LD BLADE









Slitting blade gasket  Guiding shovel plate(material: epoxy plate and blankets or carpet)

sliver rolling machine(1 pc at left and 1 pc at right):

1, function:Placed at both side of producing line, the function is rolling two waste slivers after slitting machine cutting the slitting.

2, features:there are two torque motor(mode:YLJ132M-40-6),they are used for monitoring the machine speed automatically. Adjust rolling tension easily to make sure tightening up slivers, but not break the sliver.

3, power:6KW   2 sets

4, structure:Made by button seat, torque motor, reduction, tension device, rolling sliver shield, rolling sliver shaft, chain wheel, and so on.


Transitive material guide rack:


1,function:Guiding produced plate into rolling host machine, guiding two waste slivers in to sliver rolling machine.

2, structure:Welded by steel plate and profile steel.

3, table is applied scratch-resistant plastic panels and passive roller(diameter φ65mm),effective work roll length is 1900mm,lifting by oil cylinder, passive working mode.


back looper pallet rack(looper pit)


1, function:Looper is used for controlling speed of coil when sending in to rolling machine and buffer the speed which coil sent into slitting machine. It is lifting by hydraulic press to guide coil easily when start.

2, structure:looper rack is welded by steel plate and profile steel, table is applied scratch-resistant plastic panels and passive roller(diameter φ65mm), lift by hydraulic pressure cylinder.


Pre-sub/pressing materials tension damping device:


1, function:Front separator separates cut products, and then tension damping rolls it into smooth coil.

2, separating main shaft diameterφ100mm,material 40cr,hard chromium plating and grinding on surface.

3, separating plate spec.(material: 65Mn)







4, separating shaft gasket (material: nylon)

5, structure:made by upper/lower tension plate,synchronizing shaft,oil cylinder,button seat and so on.


Hydraulic slitting pressing device, rolling host machine:


1, function:It separates the coil which is slitter and rolls it. Then push coil to feeding trolley. Rolling drum is used DC motor for driving, radial hydraulic drive sizing methods. Hydraulic cantilever-type separator can rise automatically as coil increasing, and press coil all the time. It is with pneumatic brake.

2, power:132KW DC adjustable speed motor;(SHANGHAI NANYANG)

3, reduction:mode:JZQ1000-80;(full-steel frame seat,by ordering)(Taixing)

4, structure:the rolling part is made by frame seat, looper, bearing seat, clutch gear, oil pressure pushing plate, supporting, pedestal sleeve and so on;

5, rolled product in-diameter : φ550mm.


rolling support:


1, The main function is reducing load for main bearing,make main bearing uniform load,in case of main bearing's deform.

2, made by rack,oil cylinder,support,swing arm,shaft pin and so on.


Hydraulic unloading trolley:

  1. function:Lifting and horizontal movement to unload the rolled products from the rolling shaft safely and packing.
  2. Max weight load:30T
  3. structure:welded by steel plate and profile steel
  4. walking motor BWED41-121-2.2KW(Changzhou)

Hydraulic pressure station:

  1. The hydraulic system of this producing line contains a hydraulic station and matching pump, valves, pipes. Hydraulic station supply motive power for loading/unloading trolley, hanging, uncoiling, pinching, front/back pallet, slitting station, tension station, rolling, separating. (PLC SIEMENS, TOUCH PANEL: TAIWAN DZ,CODER:SCHNIEDER, BEARING: JAPAN NSK)
  2. Motor power: 11KW;
  3. System: 12MPa,working pressure: 6-8MPa.(pressure adjustable separately)

eclectic controlling system and operating system:

  1. The whole producing line is used continental 590 DC controlling system. By slitting machine speed as the host-based, making same speed on whole line through PLC system.(it could be adjusted by manual).
  2. There are emergency stop device between every parts on whole producing line, and there are main stop buttons on every operating panel board.
  3. PLC controlling ,touch screen LCD,coder,proximity switch,data acquisition and entering elements
  4. The main elements are products which imported from Japan, or Chinese famous brand.
  5. We provide 3 operating cabinet as front, middle, back; out switcher controlling is used hand-held switcher box.

plant lubricate system:


The lubricate filling prompts are set on every parts on the plant, as manual filling and grease nozzle, etc.


installation and testing:


1, the base part of plant and supporting facilities are supplied by buyer.

2, supplier take in charge of installing instruction and testing.

3, Project materials are supplied by buyer.


buyer should satisfy the condition plant required:

  1. Working area should be bigger than length* height, 50meters×12meters×hanging height 6meters.
  2. There should be a crane which capability is bigger than max weight steel coil.
  3. There should be brightly lighting installation and good ventilation installation, and water, electricity, gas are available.
  4. Plant running environment:

       A. temperature:-5℃~42℃

       b. humidity:20%PH-80%PH(No condensation state)

  1. Buyer should supply cooling water pipes, gas pipes, hydraulic pipes, cables channel, cables and other materials for installation and testing.
  2. Buyer makes foundation as plant basement drawing, make ground holes.
  3. After plant placing, buyer carries out second cement filling, supplier supplies fixing bolts and nuts.
  4. Buyer should supply the gear oil, lubricant, hydraulic oil as plant required, supplier notes grade and number.
  5. Buyer should arrange enough electricity to meet the capacity of plant.

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